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Designing for your house: How do you mix personal style and the style of the home?

This is a common question our clients ask, and we can't wait to share our thoughts!

Mid-Century Modern Ski Chalet in Bartlett, NH

Oftentimes, clients have a hard time finding a way to incorporate their personal style in a home that really doesn't match their vibe- at this Ski House in Bartlett NH, we showed our clients how to do just that. We reduced the amount of wood everywhere and kept the dark stained beams and the pine trim but cleaned up the ceilings with a fresh coat of creamy white paint. (Sherwin Williams Alabaster) We brought the wood back in with a warmer and lighter tone on these flat-panel modern cabinets from Imperia out of Bridgewater, MA.

By lightening the ceilings and bringing the wood back in on the cabinetry, lead designer and business owner Hannah Guilford feels as though she helped ground the space and make it feel bigger and brighter than it was before. We love the look of wood, but sometimes it's the contrast of materials that really allows for the wood to become a star.

A pop of red...

A pop of red is a bit of the client's flare and personal style, without taking over the entire kitchen and changing the feel of the space. This home felt more like a hunting lodge than a ski lodge, but with some carefully placed fur throws, aged leather midcentury chair, and simple clean lines, this house has become the perfect landing zone after a day on the slopes.

Winter Projects start in Spring

Wait, what?

Yes, I typed that right. What do we mean by this? That if you have a project you want to be done for winter, you need to reach out the spring before! Now is the best time to talk about designing YOUR next winter project, like this ski chalet. We will be sure to deep dive into what style fits both your home and your wants best, and blend them to create an amazing end result, just like this!

Mid-Century Modern isn't your style? TOTALLY FINE! The best part about working with a design company is that we are flexible and can adapt the design to whatever style and era fits you and your home best.

We still have a few openings for kitchens this upcoming winter in spring, so let's get your project started! Reach out today.

Go to our Contact Us page to get on our calendar and schedule a FREE discovery call today!


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